part one: "A GOLDEN SAMPLER"
 included in many of my classes is to create a A valuable reference tool called "supplies sampler".  This is a valuable personal resource to keep track of your inventory as well as discovering the qualities of specific products such as paints, pens, markers, inks, etc.  Many products perform differently in "action", than they appear on the bottles, caps or containers.  Use a journal like mine in the video, or cut up cardstock "chips" and display on a small binding ring.  Aren't you surprised at how many variations and shades of gold you have in your stash?
ALTERNATE VIDEO LINK (if viewing the class outside the U.S.)

ALTERNATE VIDEO (if viewing the class outside the U.S)
Break out the gold paints to create amazing paper masterpieces peppered with good cheer and your fabulous lettering.  If you're in a painting mood, gather up some plain wrapping paper or plain paper gift bags, spread out and start slinging the bling! 
1. " BIG GOLD STRIPES"- Stretch!  Horizontal for lettering words and phases.
2. "CONFETTI SWIPES"- Swish and swipe!  Flat brush with gold paint.
3. "PAINTED LETTERS"-  Your fabulous print and script!  All over background, paint pen grid with round or flat brushes.
4. "GOLD FILLING"-Make it art!  Black lettering with gold in the negative spaces.

When creating decorative  patterns with hand lettering, ALTER the variety of letters and fonts with upper and lower case, cursive script, printing and doodling.  Mix and match various styles to create interest.

What a nice supply of painted wrapping paper and glamourous gift bags to refresh your wrapping center.  Isn't this a great holiday stress buster, combing creative activity with "practical" end products?  Who said we can't justify our art time and multi task?!!






  1. Gold aside, THANKS for the reminder to paint words! I've not done that in months … so I really appreciate the nudge here. ♡

  2. Joanne, thanks so much for these ideas... they are fabulous and I really appreciate the free class!
    Beth P

  3. AMAZING ! ! Thank you SO MUCH , Joanne. So lovely to hear your voice again. I just want to say to those who might think making those samplers may be a waste of time., NO, NO . I made mine with all my stash in you other lettering classes and I use them, EVERYDAY, never mind what project I am doing, from painting portraits to coloring mandalas to making backgrounds, etc etc. You will not be sorry doing this and having all the references. . Looking forward to sme more sparkle. X Heather Cape Town, S.A.

  4. Thank you so much for this class...I love it and will use these ideas. This was very generous of you....Thank you ....Thank you...=0)

  5. You are such a joy!!!! I will definitely be grabbing some gold paint and getting to it!!!! Looooooove the bag with the negative painting and writing with painT! What a gift to us you are year round!

  6. i am SO happy to spend some fun, 'me' time working on every gold art idea u r posting, joanne. i'll be sure to use them this holiday season. i just picked up a big roll of kraft wrapping paper & another in red...to use as my canvas!

    thank u from the golden shores of san diego!

  7. I'd never seen a sampler journal like that, but having worked with all kinds of different acrylics and inks, it makes SO much sense! Love your classes, I'm so happy I found your blog Joanne! :D