It's so gratifying to create art with the sole purpose of giving it away. There is nothing as special as a handmade card and the holidays are the perfect time to share what we love with those we love.  Let's make some simply elegant holiday cards with a handmade paper stencil.  Add fancy lettering and custom messages with your "magic gold pens", you know, the ones that make your lettering magical!
ALTERNATE VIDEO LINK (if viewing class outside the U.S.)

With minimal supplies, create multiple art images for your holiday cards without a photocopier or printer.  Make your own stencil with a studio staple, the #8 manila tag, (size 6 1/4 x 3 1/8) and a craft knife..

As shown in the video:
1) Gather your card making papers (card stock or card kits with envelopes), chisel tip marker, gold paint, a "scruffy" paintbrush, gold paint and gold paint pens.
2) Cut colored cardstock or scrapbook paper to the size of your card fronts.
3) Make a word stencil on the manilla tag.  Write your chunky word with the fat chisel tip of the marker, then outline with a fine tip to create a new letter form from your handwriting.  *you can also make a stencil of shapes to add patterns to your card designs.
4) Cut word out with a craft knife on a  protected surface. I used cardboard.
5) Stencil with gold paint with a scruffy brush, pouncing vertically with a dry brush technique (minimal paint) and quick dry with a heat tool if desired.
6) With your magic gold pens, add additional hand lettered words, sentiments and linear borders to the stenciled print.
7) Write holiday messages, sentiments or personalized notes on the inside of your cards.


  1. Love this !!!


  2. Stencils are such a hot trend...better when you can make it yourself ! Love these cards Joanne!

  3. So many ideas, so little time!

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