I like the "ring" theme in this class, and here is a "letter-ring" project for the final lesson of this class.  Use all the techniques presented in the previous lessons to create a truly custom, one of a kind handmade gift.  A blessing ring is a collection of handmade cards or tags with messages, quotes, promises, scripture or words given to inspire, encourage or gift a recipient.

With your beautiful and fabulous lettering skills you have the power to create this memento for gift giving.  You really do!
1) Gather all your supplies: gold paint, pens, ribbons, binding ring, and several #8 manilla tags.  If you don't have tags, plain card stock cut to any size with a hole punched will work just fine.
2) Decorate and embellish each "page" front with a large word that signifies your intention or wish to the recipient.  
3) On the back of the word tag, letter a quote, phrase or scripture that is relevant to the word.  Add journaling around the words to elaborate on the sentiment or message.
4)  String the cards on your binding ring and embellish the ring with ribbon, fabric strips, tulle, etc.  You can paint your ribbon with sparkle Modpodge to add some extra bling! ( i would love to paint my whole house with sparkle Modpodge!)  You can also paint colorful fabric strips with Silks acrylic glaze to add shimmer and shine.
5) What a memorable lettered treasure you can create for someone dear.  Have a wondeful time!

...Make a blessing ring with lettered tags or cards...
...bling up some ribbon and fabric strips to add texture to your book...

... paint special or meaningful words on the tag fronts...

...add your quotes or phrases to the back of the tag
and journal a personalized message to the recipient.

Thank you for being such a beautiful blessing to me this year.....
It is with deep gratitude that i thank you for sharing this creative journey with me.  
I look forward to more artful adventures with you in 2013.

I adore you all so much that i decided that there MUST be a BONUS LESSON!  
Tune in tomorrow for the 

See you then.


  1. You, m'dear, are a BLESSING to all of us! See you in Kansas City! Holiday Hugs!

  2. What a wonderful idea this is I'm going to do this for my boyfriend - and thank you for giving us a bonus lesson.
    I have enjoyed each and every one of these lessons
    thank you so much

  3. Blessings to you! And thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and enthusiasm.
    You have inspired me to attempt handmade Christmas cards. I'm really excited! Thanks again and blessings to you and yours!

  4. Happy day to you, wonderful lady! The gift of this free class has been a blessing to me. I hope you have some online classes(or DVDs)planned for us in 2013. Take care, and many more happy days to you.

  5. Joanne, what a blessing you have been to me this year, you lettering classes have taken me to another level and I have had SO MUCH FUN with them. The colour love was amazing, and those colour samplers you suggested we do have come in SO handy. And now this GOLDEN , GLITZY, BLING Christmas gift. I has been so exciting to get my stash of GOLD together and SHINE !thanks for the bonus lesson , you are a honey. Take care and have a very blessed and peaceful Christmas with your family. Do take a well earned break and we look forward to seeing what you have waiting for us in the New Year, Hugs, Heather , Cape Town, South Africa.

  6. Love this idea Joanne. Such a special gift for any occasion!

  7. You're the biggest blessing on the planet, Joanne...always there to give us a nudge, or an art prompt or a way to go about things so that our stuff looks sparkly and blingy and colorful and...gold! Thank you! Thank you!

  8. You are awesome - thank you so much! I love everything you do. I have looked forward to every lesson this year and you have never let me down! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Hello Joanne,
    My friend tuned me into your blog and the free golden lettering classes. Wow, they are so awesome. After watching the first 2 I ordered your artful lettering download. I made a journal last nite with your techniques.I love the way you promote our own script. You rock! I can teach these ideas to our calligraphy guild in Red Deer, Alberta. So many members are frustrated with the traditional calligraphy and your process is completely doable for them. I'm going to post a pic of the journal on the fb site. thank you and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  10. Hi Joanne,
    Thank you for the free golden lettering lessons. I really enjoyed them and am making a few cards to give this Holiday Season.
    I am hoping to take your class in February. You are such an inspiration to a Calligrapher who was so uninspired.Blessings this Holiday season.

  11. Thank you so much for this class Joanne! You are a blessing to me and you bring me such joy! ♥

  12. Bless you too Joanne! You are such a joy!

  13. Thanks so much for the classes. Have a wonderful Holiday.

  14. Thank You JOYanne,
    It was a very nice surprise to get a free class of the Five Golden Rings. i have taken three classes so far from you and I enJOYed every one of them. I will be decorating the wrapping for our presents for Christmas also making cards to send out to family, and also making those ornaments for our neighbors. I better get to work! fun work!
    Karen G

  15. Thank you for these 5 lessons .... so much fun.

  16. Thank you for these lessons. I will be using the ideas for the birthday cards I send. Due to the recent passing of my mother, I have not finished letter love 101. I will finish it after the first of the year and will be signing up for the next series. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  17. Thank you so much for offering a free class. I have enjoyed this one immensely.

  18. Wow! I LOVE it!
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  19. Thanks for these cool lessons Joanne! Looking forward to the gift of the bonus lettering video. YOU are a gift!

  20. Thanks for these cool lessons Joanne! Looking forward to the gift of the bonus lettering video. YOU are a gift!